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The Interview Now approach

Here is how we’ll help your team engage, interview, and hire better people, faster

Grow candidate pool

We built our text-messaging recruiting tool because texting is such an easy way to communicate. In addition to making it easier for candidates, we now have a direct line to our job seekers. Your recruitment phone number makes it easier for candidates to get started and lets us follow up – increasing conversions.

Interview job seekers

You can create an unlimited number of interview templates in English or Spanish that have up to 20 questions and multiple question types. Job seekers are interviewed on the spot and then ranked by our algorithm. Since the interview is a dialogue conversation job seekers respond with deeper more authentic responses – we’ve seen interviews up to an hour!

Hire better people, faster

Interviews uncover another dimension the resume and cover letter cannot. It will be easy to identify the better candidates just from their interview. You will be able to make much better hiring decisions while simultaneously saving yourself and job seekers unnecessary wasted time.


Make recruiting easier

Promote your Interview Now phone number in job posts, at job fairs, or on any advertisement. Grow your candidate pool with engaging and effective text message follow-ups.

New to text message recruiting? Read our Text Message Recruiting Guide.

text message recruiting phone number


Manage your workflow

Interview Now gives you an overview of all qualified and unqualified candidates as well as every candidate’s stage.

Stages are automatically organized by job title so that you always know what’s going on and can quickly make hiring decisions.


Qualify candidates, faster

Create an unlimited amount of custom interview templates in English or Spanish. Add up to 20 questions with multiple question category types.

Leverage our algorithm to automatically score and rank candidate interviews per your requirements.

Interview Template
product interview results


Keep track of every candidate

Rate, track, and manage candidates through a modern applicant tracking system

Drag and drop candidates from different stages while keeping an overview of your pipeline.


Make better decisions with more information

Know where your candidates are located, how much they would like to make, and more.

View résumés, score, and rate candidates all from one place.

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