Banquet Server Job Description

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Banquet Server Job Description

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Banquet Server Overview

Banquet servers work as part of a team to serve food and beverages at catering events such as weddings and parties. They are involved with all aspects of the banquet event such as setting up tables, folding napkins, serving guests, bussing dishes, and breaking down tables. Banquet servers must be courteous and responsive to event guests, ensuring they are properly served. Banquet servers can work in a variety of different venues such as hotels, wineries, college campuses, or any desired location of a planned banquet event. Employers prefer flexible banquet servers to be available on call for work. During the event, they report to a manager and work alongside a team of servers to ensure the banquet event runs smoothly.

Banquet Server Salary:


  • Banquet Servers earn an average wage of $10.24 per hour.
  • Hourly Rate $7.87 – $15.88
  • Hourly Tips $0.43 – $19.32
  • Overtime $8.38 – $22.06

Banquet Server Job Description Template


Job Title: Banquet Server






[INSERT BUSINESS] is looking for a banquet server to join our team. Your job is to provide all table service duties including prep work and closeout duties. Our banquet servers are expected to provide high-touch service to exceed our guest’s expectations.




Run food from the kitchen to the dining area

Engage our guests in a polite friendly manner

Help with food and table preparation before event

Set up buffets ensuring safe food handling and high quality food presentation

Serve properly plated dishes to guests and respond to beverage requests, appetizers and other needs

Confirm guests are above the legal drinking age

Serve non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages

Open wine bottles and take beverage orders

Clean venue space after event ends, assist with food/beverage restocking and closeout tasks




Must be legal age to serve alcoholic beverages

[INSERT YEARS] minimum experience as a banquet server

Excellent communication skills

Positive attitude

Reliable transportation

Knowledge of catering practices preferred




You will be compensated by [INSERT COMPENSATION].




All of our full time employees receive [INSERT BENEFITS].


New Hire Bonus:


All new hires will receive a $100 bonus after staying [INSERT BONUS DURATION].

Interviewing Banquet Servers?

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