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Line Cook Job Description

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Line Cook

Line Cook Job Description Template


Job Title: Line Cook






[INSERT BUSINESS] is looking for a line cook to join our team. Your job is to prepare food to the exact chef’s specifications and set up stations for the menu. Line cook duties consist of assisting the sous and executive chef with their daily tasks.




Prepare food for service (i.e. butchering meat, chopping vegetables, or preparing sauces)

Set up and stock stations with supplies

Cook dishes in cooperation with the rest of our kitchen staff

Stock inventory

Ensure food comes out in a timely and high-quality fashion

Comply with nutrition, sanitation and safety regulations

Clean up station and take care of excess food properly

Report to executive and sous chefs




[INSERT YEARS] minimum experience as a line cook or relevant position

Excellent communication skills

Positive attitude

Reliable transportation

Can execute assigned tasks accurately and in timely fashion




You will be compensated by [INSERT COMPENSATION].




All of our full time employees receive [INSERT BENEFITS].


New Hire Bonus:


All new hires will receive a $100 bonus after staying [INSERT BONUS DURATION].

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