Put hiring on autopilot

Streamline hiring for your small business. If you have 10 or 100, interview every single job seeker with the same personalized approach, without wasting a minute of your time.

Increase pipeline

Exponentially increase your candidate pool through text messaging. According to Career Builder, 60% of job seekers quit in the middle of online job apps because of their length or complexity.

Accelerate hiring process

Automate the first interview and identify top candidates immediately. Fill open positions faster than competitors. Fill revenue driven positions faster to hit monthly, quarterly, and annual projections.

Interview candidates now.

Instant engagement

Interview candidates with a custom tailored dialogue by invitation or straight from your career’s site.

High quality candidates

Utilize our propreitary smart texting technology to find the best candidates immediately. Put the focus back on the business and let Interview Now interview and rank candidates effortlessly.

Online career site

Utilize your career site online for hiring automation. Your career site and Interview Now dashboard is a one-stop shop for interviewing, tracking, and managing candidates all in one place.

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Interview Now Small Business

Set up your small business in less than fifteen minutes.

After signing up, simply add your interview questions into Interview Now and share your career’s site on your small business website, facebook page, and on job sites. Job seekers now can interview as they visit right from their mobile phone. You’re now on the road to filling positions quicker with quality candidates.

Sign up and enter in company information to customize career site portal and job post/interview pages.

Add a custom tailored interview for each position you are hiring for. Each interview begins with a personalized greeting to each candidate with your job and company details.

Place your career site URL on your website as a tab to list all your jobs. Share your jobs or career site on Facebook or with job promoting websites.

Welcome to interview automation! You'll now interview job seekers while they shop through a personalized dialogue text-message interview.

Are you ready to supercharge your hiring process for your small business? Request a demo today!