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In California, you need to know about POST

The POST Commission

In 1959, the state of California Legislature created the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training ( POST ). POST sets the minimum selection and training standards for California law enforcement and conducts research that results in the development of the tests and procedures used by local law enforcement agencies. It is a voluntary program that is incentive-based and has over 600 participating agencies. The agencies that participate agree to the POST standards and receive benefits like reimbursement for training, management counseling services, research into improved officer selection standards, and more.


It’s important to note that there is a minimum California requirement, a POST requirement, and additional department requirements to become a law enforcement officer in California!


POST is funded by the State Penalty Fund, which receives money from penalty assessments for criminal and traffic fines. No California tax dollars are used to fund POST, but if you’ve had to pay a penalty for a speeding ticket, traffic fine, or other criminal penalties, you are funding the training.

Law enforcement basic training

POST sets the standards, then certifies academies across the state of California to provide the Regular Basic Course ( basic academy ). The Basic Course is the training standard and entry-level training requirement as specified in Commission Regulation 1005 for police officers, deputy sheriffs, school district police officers, district attorney investigators, as well as a few other peace officer classifications.


These POST certified academies include colleges, training centers, Sheriff’s Departments, Police Departments, California Highway Patrol, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California State Parks, and CAL-FIRE. A full list of these academies, their websites, and addresses can be found here: basic California academies.


Learn more about the Regular Basic Course ( academy ) at the link below.

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minimum requirements and selection standards

Minimum requirements and selection standards

In order to become a Peace Officer, there are California minimum selection standards, POST minimum selection standards, and additional department standards.

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hiring process

What to expect going through the selection process

The selection process varies from agency to agency. We have linked a prototypical guide of what you can expect and detailed information on each step of the process.

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helpful documents and links

Helpful links and essential forms to become a police officer

All the required forms and helpful links you need to prepare for going through the selection process. We’ve curated our list to give you quick and easy access, all in one place.

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master list of faqs

Master list of frequently asked questions and answers

Our comprehensive list of Commonly Asked Questions features answers about minimum requirements, selection standards, the selection process, and more.

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