Helpful Links and Essential Forms

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Helpful links and essential forms

Want to become a police officer in California? Check out our list of police recruitment forms and links to guide you through the hiring process.

Physical Ability Test

Police Physical Ability Test  

Learn about the California police physical ability test and how to best prepare for it.  ( interviewnow )

Written Exam

Written Exam 

Learn what the two most common written exams are in California, how to practice, testing dates, and locations. ( interviewnow )

Preparation guide for the POST entry-level test battery ( pdf ) 

Provides information for agencies and applicants, including a thorough overview of the test, practice test items, and test-taking strategies. ( POST )

NTN Exam Practice Tests 

Practice test for the National Testing Network Exam.  ( NTN )

NTN testing locations 

Testing locations for the National Testing Network Exam.  ( NTN )

POST PELLETB Testing Northern California 

POST PELLETB Test in Northern California $12.  ( South Bay Regional Public Safety Training Academy )

Oral Interview or Oral Boards

POST’s Guide to interview peace officer candidates ( pdf ) 

Provides guidance and advice for all phases of the peace officer interview process. ( POST )

Police Oral Board Interview Article 

Learn about what the California police oral board interview is like and how to best prepare for it. ( interviewnow )

Background Investigation

Personal History Statment Peace Officer ( doc ) 

Personal history statement document that applicants must complete. ( POST )

POST’s Background Investigation manual ( pdf ) 

Provides guidance to assist background investigators in the conduct of background investigations of both peace officers and public safety dispatchers. The manual contains descriptions of the statutory and regulatory requirements that must be addressed as part of the background investigation. ( POST )

Medical Evaluation

Medical History Statement ( pdf ) 

One of several police recruitment forms applicants need to fill out. The form includes questions regarding your medical history in addition to a background investigation where completeness and accuracy are critical. ( POST )


Police Officer Salary 

Learn about police officer salaries in California. ( interview now )