Police Officer Salary

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Police Officer Salary

In California, the average salary of a police officer will vary dependent on the department, their position, and their ranking within that specific department.

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On a national level, the average salary for a police officer is around $61,000/year, whereas, in California, that average increases to around $104,000/year. In addition to their salary, they also make money from supplemental pay which may include an allowance for uniforms or equipment, overtime compensation, and longevity pay ( depending on how long you’ve worked for that department ).

To add on to their monetary compensation, police officers also receive benefits such as insurance coverage and retirement plans.

With the combination of overtime and other forms of pay, there are numerous benefits and ways to supplement a police officer’s base salary pay.

Some of the highest paying police departments in the state of California include Sunnyvale, Oakland, and San Francisco, where they pay at least ten thousand dollars above the average salary.

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